November 20, 2017


Satyameva Jayate
| सत्यमेव जयते |
(Truth Alone Triumphs)

India Flag

Embleme of

Emblem of India

National Song Vande Mataram
(Bow to Thee, Mother)
National Anthem Jana Gana Mana
(Thou Art the Rules of the minds of All people)
Defence Indian Armed Forces
Area 7th largest country in the world by population.
Total KM : 3,287,263
Total Sq mi : 1,269,346
Water % : 9.6
Capital : New Delhi, 22.654 million
Number of State : 29
Union Territory : 07
Largest Cities
Mumbai 19.744 million
Kolkata 14.402 million
Chennai 8.784 million
Bangalore 8.614 million
Hyderabad 7.837 million (2011)
Life expectancy : 64 years (men) and 68 years (women)
Languages 24
Official Language Hindi and English
National Languages Not defined
Religions in India
Population 2nd largest country in the world by population
2016 (estimate) 1,293,057,000
2011 census 1,210,854,977
Density per km 388.3
Population by religions in % 79.8% Hindu
14.2% Islam
2.3% Christian
1.7% Sikh
0.7% Buddhism
0.4% Jainism
0.9% Others
Indian Government
Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Republic
President Pranab Mukherjee
Vice President Mohammad Hamid Ansari
Prime Minister Narendra Modi (India’s 13th president )
Lok Sabha (Lower House) Speaker Sumitra Mahajan
Chief Justice Jagdish Singh Khehar
Legislature Parliament of India
Upper House Rajya Sabha
Lower House Lok Sabha
Monetaray Unit / Currency Rupee (₹) (INR)
Time zone IST (UTC+05:30)
Date Format dd-mm-yyyy
Driving Side in india Left Side
Country Call Code +91
National Symbols of India
National Anthem : Jana-Gana-Mana
National Song : Vande Mataram
State Emblem : Sarnath Lion
National Bird : Peacock (Pavo Muticus)
National Animal : Tiger
National Flower : Lotus (Nelumbo Nucifera)
National Tree : Ficus Benghalensis
National Fruit : Mango
Water Body : South Asian River Dolphin
National Game : Hockey
Countries 57

(भारत), in Sanskrit: Bhārata. The India is a country situated at the center of South Asia. The Country India is also known by other names as ‘Jambudvipa’, Bartknd, aaryaavart, India (Hindustan), Indian, etc.. India counts in the seventh largest country by area and with the world’s most populous country.By population, the India stands on the second most populous country by 1.2 billion (1,251,695,584) population. In this country, people who speaks several languages and dialects, have lived here. A similar view is seen from here in Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain religions etc. India is a secular country. It is also known for world’s largest democracy and second most populous country, which has emerged as a major power in the 1990s. India has major cultural influence and a fast-growing, powerful economy and the literacy wealth are also rising.

India gets name by Greek word of Indus Valley, and the mean of this word is “the people who live near the Indus River”. India is the fourth largest number of Spoken languages country in the world, including the five most popular world religions of Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Christianity and Buddhism. The people’s from different religions are live here from thousands of years. Hindi is most usable language in the India. Hindi language most widely spoken language with the ratio of 41% by the people’s. Indian peoples used more 14 other official languages of in which Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Malayalam, Punjabi, Tamil, Urdu, Oriya, Kashmiri, Sindhi, and Sanskrit, Telugu. The % ratio of used of India languages are Hindi 41%, Bengali 8.1%, Telugu 7.2%, Marathi 7%, Tamil 5.9%, Urdu 5%, Gujarati 4.5%, Kannada 3.7%, Malayalam 3.2%, Oriya 3.2%, Punjabi 2.8%, Assamese 1.3%, Maithili 1.2%, other 5.9%.

According to UN estimates, population of India may overtake China’s in 2028 and would become the world’s highest populous country in the world. India lands cover totally 12,69,212 in Square Miles, and 32,87,263 in Square Kilometers. India is the seventh largest country in the world by area and largest in South Asia bound with Arabian Sea & Bay of Bengal, between Burma and Pakistan. Indian is a peninsula which bounded by Indian Ocean (in south), with Arabian Sea (in south-west) and Bay of Bengal (south-east).

India has seven neighboring countries and also share the land border’s with them. India border shared with China and Nepal in North,  Pakistan in North-West, Bhutan and Bangladesh in North-East, Myanmar in East and Sri Lanka & Maldives that an island, in the south. at while Andaman and Nicobar Islands shares maritime border with Thailand and Indonesia. Each Country has own states & capital. The capital of the India is New Delhi. India has 29 states & 7 union territories.

India is the founding member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) also. India and China are the fastest growing economies nations in the world. Today, the India stands on 83rd number on the most corrupt nation out of 174 recognized countries and it is the big problem of India. It’s not a last problem, with this, India faces many problems such as poverty, corruption, malnutrition, inadequate public health care and the challenges of terrorism. India is a diverse, multi-lingual, and multi-ethnic society. The Indian Army is a regional power.

Etymology :

Currently, India is the country name is “Bharat” or “India” is. In addition to India, India 
‘Jambudvipa’, Bartknd, Aaryaavart, India (Hindustan), Indian,
etc., also known by other names. India is a part of the Indian subcontinent, including India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and the country is left out. The emergence of India and India called India’s modern name derives from the word Indus. Foreign Irani the undivided India named Indus, the Indian subcontinent has been the hallmark of the geography of the North-West. Ancient Irani People spoke “S” word in to “H” in their language and speech “Indus” in place of “Hindu” word was used.

Mythology :

According to Indian philosophy, After the origin of the universe, Swaynbhuv Manu psyche son of Lord Brahma, has operated the world. Swaynbhuv Manu had two sons, which Named “PRIYABRATA” and “Uttanpad”. Uttanpad was the father of devotee Dhruv. Priyabrata ten sons. These ten sons were detached three sons from childhood and therefore, PRIYABRATA the earth divided into seven parts, and handed over to the seven brothers. The seven sons of a son in the name – “Agnidhr” and are given the responsibility of the regime Jambudvipa. Agnidhr in the old age, Jambudvipa different places regime handed over to his nine sons. Eldest the nine sons – the Nabhi. The terrain was himavarsh Agnidhr son Nabhi.
His full name was Ajanab. He adding his name with himavarsh and promoted Ajnabwarsh.

Rishabh was the son of King Nabhi (Ajnabwarsh). The origin of the name is concerned, India – Emperor Chakravarti of ancient India, descendant of Manu, the son of God Rishabhdev is Bharat. Bharat was the majestic king and great devotee. In the hundred sons of Rishabhdev, Bharat was the eldest and talented. In his old age, the Rishabhdev delivered him to his whole kingdom. In the name of King Bharata, People’s  said – Ajanabwars the Bharatwarsh. In the Vishnu Purana mentions that (“ततश्च भारतवर्ष तल्लो केषु गीयते” ) “since the country came to be called the Bharatwarsh”. Vayu Purana also says that before the name of India was himavarsh.

Indian History :

The history of the Indian subcontinent, about 75,000 years old and proof of Homo sapiens comes from human activities. The history of India is considered one of the world’s great chapters of Indian history because once it is too old and is very difficult to understand. The ancient Greeks called “India” to Bharat and Medieval Muslim historians of India, is referred to as Hind (Hindustan). 5000 years ago the inhabitants of the Indus Valley civilization, based on its agriculture and trade had developed an urban culture.Well.

Indian historians, the history is divided into three parts: –

1. Ancient India,
2. Medieval India and
3. Modern India.

1. Ancient India : Knowing the history of ancient India Source:
Prehistoric Age, Vedic civilization, Rise Mahājanapada (Sanskrit महाजनपद), Jainism, Buddhism, Shaivism, Vaishnavism, Islam, Isain religion, Magadha kingdom, Alexander, Maurya Empire, Brahmin Empire, The Kingdom Of India Yavan (यवन), Shak (शक), Kushan (कुषाण), Secret (गुप्त) Empire, Pushyabhuti descent, South India’s leading dynasty, The emergence of the border Dynasties and more.

Ancient Indian history information is derived mainly from four sources, which are 1. Scripture, 2. Historical texts, 3. Details of foreigners and 4. Archeology-related evidence.

2. Medieval India : History of medieval India has much to learn which key facts are :-

Arab attacks of India, Mahmoud Gajnbi, Muhammad Ghauri, Sultanate period, Vijayanagar Empire, Bahmani kingdom, Independent provincial state,
Sufi movement, Devotional movement, Mughal Empire, Mughal polity and Mratha flourishing

3. Modern India :- The history of modern India is too big. Learn the history of modern India, we can get from the following sources :-

Mughal Emperor, The arrival of European companies with business in India, Bengal, the British lordship, British relations with Mysore, Sikhs and the British, Companies subject to the Governor General, The great revolution of 1857 AD., important revolt during the British Raj.

India’s freedom struggle : important facts, Indian national movement of important organizations and institutions, Indian national movement of important facts, India’s great martyr, The key word during the Indian independence movement and the slogan, Published papers related to the movement, magazines and books, Congress session where and when, India’s historic battles, Major dynasty, founder and capital.

Important Years in The Indian History :-

Important Years of Indian History  – India is the world’s largest democracy nation with the 1.2 billion people and the world’s fourth largest economy power. Know about the Most Important years in Indian History :

  • 2500 BC :
    The India has been home to several ancient civilizations and empires.
  • 1600 :
    British came to India and establish East India Company by the 1850 and control the most of part of the India.
  • 1858 :
    British Raj Start : By British Raj, India comes direct under in Rules of British Government.
  • 1920 :
    Struggle for Freedom : The nationalist leader of Mahatma Gandhi started a non-violent protest against British Rules for freedom.
  • 1947 :
    In 1947, India has divided in to two parts in 1947 of Hindustan & Pakistan. Different religions country at while Pakistan controlled Muslim. The India & Pakistan fight 3 times over Kashmir.
  • 1950 :
    In 1950, the India becomes a Republic nation and the Indian Congress becomes the dominant party in India.
  • 1962 :
    In 1962, two countries India & Pakistan fight a border war.
  • 1971 :
    In 1971, India & Pakistan start war again over East Pakistan.
  • 1974 :
    In 1974, The India starts the first underground nuclear test
  • 1990 :
    Indian Government begin a programme of economic liberalization and reformation, opening up the economy to global trade and investment.
  • 2000 :
    In 2000, India cross the population of 1 billion.
  • 2014 :
    in 2014, the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) get biggest score in election, that was vary in 30 years.

Indian Governance (Politics) and Administration :

Indian Politics : 

Indian Politics Joint Parliamentary Representatives are incorporated in the democratic state structure, where the Prime Minister is the head of the government and there is a multi-party system. According to the Constitution, India is a prime, socialist, secular, democratic country where the government is elected by the people.

India also has a joint government similar to that of the United States but, in India, the central government is more powerful than the state governments, which is based on the parliamentary system of Britain.

Know About : 

  1. Rajya Sabha
  2. Lok Sabha
  3. Cabinet Secretariat
  4. Government Ministries / Departments
  5. Consulting Committee
  6. Parliamentary Committee
  7. Legislature
  8. Executive
  9. President
  10. Vice President
  11. Council Of Ministers
  12. Administrative Structure
  13. Controller Of Audit
  14. Administrative Reforms And Public Grievances
  15. Administrative Authority
  16. Official Language
  17. Public Service
  18. National Authority, Chemical Weapons Convention
  19. Other Parliamentary Functions
  20. Youth Parliament Competition
  21. Nomination Of Parliament Members In Government Committees / Bodies
  22. Ability To Subscribe To Parliament
  23. Government Work In Parliament
  24. Leader Of Opposition In Parliament
  25. Work And Authority Of Parliament

Political Parties In India : 

A. National Party
B. Regional Party

A. National Parties in India : 

  1. Indian national congress
  2. Bharatiya Janata Party
  3. Bahujan Samajwadi Party
  4. Janata Dal
  5. Muslim league
  6. Communist Party of India (Marxist)
  7. Communist Party of India

B. Regional Parties in India : 

S. No. Regional Abbreviation S. No. Regional Abbreviation
1 Akhil Bharatiya Ashok Sena ABAS 330 Janadhipathiya Samrekshna Samiti JPSS
2 Akhil Bhartiya Bharat Desham Party, Delhi ABBDP 331 Jan Satta Party JSAP
3 Akhil Bharatiya Bharat Mata-Putra Paksha ABBMPP 332 Jan Samanta Party JSMP
4 Akhil Bharatiya Bhrastachar Nirmoolan Sena ABBNS 333 Jan Sewa Party JSP
5 Akhil Bhartiya Berozgaar Party ABBP 334 Jan Sevek Sanghathan JSS
6 Akhil Bharatiya Dal ABD 335 Jan Swarajya Party JSWP
7 Akhil Bharatiya Desh Bhakt Morcha ABDBM 336 Jatiya Kranti Manch JTKM
8 Akhil Bharatiya Dharmnirpeksh Dal ABDD 337 Jai Telengana Party JTP
9 Akhil Bharatiya Dastkar Morcha ABDM 338 Janata Vikas Party JVP
10 Akhil Bharatiya Dalit Utthan Party ABDUP 339 Kanchee Aringer Anna Dravida Makkal Kazhagam KAADMK
11 Akhand Bharat Ekta Andolan ABEA 340 Krantikari Berozgar Party KBP
12 Akhil Bharatiya Gareeb Party ABGBP 341 Kannada Chalavali Vatal Paksha KCVP
13 Akhil Bharatiya Gorkha League ABGL 342 Kisan Desham KD
14 Akhil Bharatiya General Labour Party ABGLP 343 Kamarajar Deseeya Congress KDC
15 Akhil Bharatiya Garib Mazdoor Kisan Party ABGMKP 344 Kannada Desha Party KDP
16 Akhil Bharatiya Hindustani Krantikari Samajwadi Party ABHKSP 345 Kerala Congress (B) KEC(B)
17 Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha ABHM 346 Kerala Congress (Jacob) KEC(J)
18 Akhil Bharatiya Sena ABHS 347 Karnataka Ganaparishath KGP
19 Akhil Bharatiya Janata Congress ABJC 348 Kanpur Grameen Sansthan KGS
20 Akhil Bharatiya Janhit Jagrit Party ABJJP 349 Karnataka Kranthi Dal KKD
21 Akhil Bharatiya Jagrook Nagrik Dal ABJND 350 Kalyan Morcha KM
22 Akhil Bharatiya Jan Sangh ABJS 351 Kisan Mazdoor Bahujan Party KMBP
23 Akhil Bhartiya Janata Vikas Party ABJVP 352 Kisan Mazdoor Gaon Raj KMGR
24 Akhil Bharatiya Kissan Mazdoor Morcha ABKMM 353 Kaivinayger Munnetra Kazhagam KMK
25 Akhil Bharatiya Lokraj Party ABLRP 354 Krantikari Manuwadi Morcha KMM
26 Akhil Bharatiya Lok Tantrik Alp-Sankhyak Jan Morcha ABLTASJM 355 Kuki National Assembly KNA
27 Akhil Bhartiya Lok Tantrik Congress ABLTC 356 Kannada Paksha KP
28 Akhil Bharatiya Loktantra Party ABLTP 357 Karnataka Pragatiranga KPR
29 Akhil Bharatiya Manav Adhikar Dal ABMAD 358 Kranti Dal KRD
30 Akhil Bharatiya Mahila Dal ABMD 359 Kranti Parishad KRP
31 Akhil Bharatiya Manav Kalyan Ram Rajya Committee ABMKRRC 360 Karnataka Rajya Ryota Sangha KRRS
32 Akhil Bharatiya Maratha Mahasangh ABMM 361 Kranti Sabha KRS
33 Akhil Bartiya Manav Seva Dal ABMSD 362 Krantikari Samajwadi Manch KSM
34 Akahand Bharat Mahasangh Sarvahara Krantikari Party ABMSKP 363 Kosal Party KSP
35 Ambedkarbadi Party ABP 364 Krantikari Samajwadi Party Lohia KSPL
36 Akhil Bharatiya Pichhadavarg Party ABPP 365 Kisan Kranti Dal KTKD
37 Akhil Bharatiya Rashtriya Azad Hind Party ABRAHP 366 Karnataka Thamizhar Munnetra Kazhagam KTMK
38 Akhil Bharatiya Rajivwadi Congress (Dubey) ABRC(D) 367 Karnataka Vikas Party KTVP
39 Akhil Bharatiya Ram Rajya Parishad (Prem Ballabh Vyas) ABRRP(P) 368 Kisan Vyawasayee Mazdoor Party KVMP
40 Akhil Bharatiya Ram Rajya Parishad (V.S.Atul). ABRRP(V) 369 Kisan Vikas Party KVP
41 Akhil Bharatiya Rajarya Sabha ABRS 370 Kamjor Varg Sangh,Bihar KVSB
42 Akhil Bharatiya Rashtriya Sanathan Sabha ABRSS 371 Lok Bhalai Party LBP
43 Akhil Bharatiya Revolutionary Shoshit Samaj Dal ABRSSD 372 Lattin Congress LC
44 Abhinav Bharat Sangh ABS 373 Lok Dal LD
45 Akhil Bharatiya Shivsena Rashtrawadi ABSR 374 Life Peaceful Party LFPP
46 Apna Dal AD 375 Lok Hit Party LHP
47 Annadata Party ADP 376 Loktantrik Jan Samta Party LJSP
48 Agar Jan Party AGRJP 377 Labour And Job Seeker’s Party of India LJSPI
49 Azad Hind Fauz (R) AHF 378 Lok Hit Morcha LM
50 All Party Hill Leader’s Conference (Armison Marak Group) AHL(AG) 379 Lok Party LP
51 All India Azad Hind Mazdur And Jan Kalyan Party AIAHMJKP 380 Labour Party of India (V.V.Prasad) LPI(V)
52 All India Christian Democratic And Backward People’s Party AICDBPP 381 Lairam People Party LPP
53 All India Democratic People Federation AIDPF 382 Lok Swarajya Abhiyan LSAB
54 All India Forward Bloc (Subhasist) AIFB(S) 383 Lok Swaraj Andholan LSAN
55 All India Gareeb Congress AIGC 384 Lok Seva Parishad LSP
56 All India Homeless People Congress AIHPC 385 Lok Swarajya Sangh LSS
57 All India Indira Congress (Secular) AIIC(S) 386 Loktantrik Samajwadi Party LSWP
58 All India Justice Party AIJP 387 Labour Vikas Party LVP
59 All India Kisan Mazdoor Sabha AIKMS 388 M.G.R.Anna D.M.Kazhagam MADMK
60 All India Lok Raj Party AILRP 389 Mahila Adhikar Party MAP
61 All India Labour Welfare Party AILWP 390 Mukt Bharat MB
62 All India Minorities Front AIMF 391 Mool Bharati (S) Party MB(S)P
63 All India Majlis-E-Ittehadul Muslimeen AIMIM 392 Majlis Bachao Tahreek MBT
64 All India Muslim Forum AIMLF 393 Matra Bhoomi Vikas Party MBVP
65 All India Mahila Raj Party AIMRP 394 Maydhaavi Congress (J) MC(J)
66 All India Nethaji Congress AINC 395 Marxist Co-Ordination MCO
67 All India National Youth Party AINYP 396 Marxist Communist Party of India (S.S.Srivastava) MCPI(S)
68 Anti Injustice Party AIP 397 Maraland Democratic Front MDF
69 All India Pravasi Dal AIPD 398 Marxist Engelist Leninist Proletariat Health Commune MELPHC
70 All India People’s Party AIPP 399 M.G.R. Kazhagam MGRK
71 All India Rajiv Krantikari Congress AIRKC 400 M.G.R.Munnai MGRM
72 All India Shiromani Baba Jiwan Singh Mazhbi Dal AISBJSMD 401 Manipur Hill People’s Council MHPC
73 All India Tribes And Minorities Front AITMF 402 Mizoram Janata Dal MJD
74 All India Tafsili United Party AITUP 403 Manav Kalyan Sangh Dal MKSD
75 All India Urdu Morcha AIUM 404 Mahakaushal Vikas Party MKVP
76 All India Vakkalar Munnetra Kalagam AIVMK 405 M.G.R.Mannetra Kazhagam MMK
77 All India Youth Akali Dal AIYAD 406 M.G.R.Makkal Munnetra Kazhagam MMMK
78 Ajeya Bharat Party AJBP 407 Mahabharath Mahajan Sabha MMS
79 All J & K Peoples Patriotic Front AJKPPF 408 Muslim Majlis Uttar Pradesh MMUP
80 Asom Jatiya Parishad AJP 409 Mizo National Front (Democrats)-Chawanzuala MNF(D)C
81 Ambedkar Kranti Dal AKD 410 Makkal Nalurimaik Kazhagam (People’s Liberal Party) MNK(PLP)
82 All Kerala M.G.R. Dravida Munnetra Party AKMDMP 411 Manipur People’s Council MNPC
83 Adarsh Lok Dal ALD 412 Manava Party MP
84 Amra Bangalee AMB 413 Maharashtra Pradesh Krantikari Party MPKP
85 Andhra Nadu Party ANP 414 Madhya Pradesh Loktantrik Party MPLP
86 Andaman Nicobar Vikas Congress ANVC 415 Manipur People’s Party (Democratic) MPP(D)
87 Awami Party AP 416 Meghalaya Progressive Peoples Party MPPP
88 Ambedkar Peoples Movement APM 417 Maharashtra Rashtravadi Congress MRC
89 Ambedkar Puratchikara Makkal Katchi APMK 418 Maharashtra Republican Party MRP
90 Andhra Pradesh Navodaya Praja Party APNPP 419 Makkal Sakthi Eyakkam MSE
91 Andaman People’s Party APP 420 Manav Samaj Party MSP
92 Ambedkar Pragatisheel Republican Dal APRD 421 Manav Sewa Party MSWP
93 Arya Dal ARD 422 Marumalarchi Thamizhakam MT
94 Aryan Nationalist Party ARNP 423 Maharashtra Vikas Congress MVC
95 Arya Sabha ARS 424 Moovendar Munnetra Kazhagam MVMK
96 Ambedkar Samaj Party ASP 425 Manav Vikas Party MVP
97 Anna Telugu Desam Party ATDP 426 National Confederation NCFD
98 Anaithinthiya Thamizhaga Munnetra Kazhagam ATMK 427 Navabharath Congress Party (R) NCP(R)
99 Adarshwadi Dal AWD 428 National Congress of Youth NCY
100 Awami National Party AWNP 429 Nationalist Democratic Movement NDM
101 Bharatiya Adarash Party BADP 430 National Democratic Party NDP
102 Bharatiya Asht Jan Party BAJP 431 National Democratic Peoples Front NDPF
103 Bharatiya Ambedkar Party BAMP 432 New India National Movement NINM
104 Bharatiya Azad Party BAZP 433 New India Party NIP
105 Bharipa Bahujan Mahasangha BBM 434 Netaji Subhash Party NJSP
106 Bharatiya Berozgar Mazdoor Kisan Dal BBMKD 435 National Loktantrik Party NLP
107 Bharatiya Backward Party BBP 436 Nagaland Peoples Party NLPP
108 Bharat Bachao Party of India BBPI 437 Nidaye Malik (N) Party NMNP
109 Bhrashtachar Virodhi Dal BCVD 438 National Minorities Party NMP
110 Bharat Dal BD 439 Nav Maharashtra Vikas Party NMVP
111 Bhartiya Deshbhakt Party BDBP 440 Naga National Party NNLP
112 Bharatiya Democratic Dal BDD 441 Nava Nirmana Nagarika Samithi NNNS
113 Bharatiya Dhuni Party BDP 442 National Organisation Congress NOC
114 Bharatiya Ekta Party BEP 443 National Party NP
115 Bahujan Ekta Party (R) BEP(R) 444 Nagaland People’s Council NPC
116 Bhartiya Gorkha Janashakti BGJ 445 Nationalist Party of India NPI
117 Baghel Khand Samaj BGKS 446 National People’s Party NPP
118 Bharatiya Gareeb Party BGP 447 National Republican Party NRP
119 Bharatiya Jan Congress BHJC 448 Netaji Subhas Biplabi Parishad NSBP
120 Bharat Jan Party BHJP 449 National Students Party NSP
121 Bhomi Jotak Samooh BHJS 450 Nag Vidarbha Andolan Samiti NVAS
122 Bharatiya Jan Vikas Party BHJVP 451 Native People’s Party NVPP
123 Bharatiya Rashtriya Parishad BHRP 452 Nayee Party NYP
124 Bharatiya Hindu Sena BHS 453 Orissa Congress OCG
125 Bhartiya Jana Congress (Rashtriya) BJC(R) 454 Orissa Communist Party OCP
126 Bharatiya Jai Jawan Jai Kisan Party BJJJKP 455 Orissa Khandayat Khetriya Krusak Gana Parishad OKKKGP
127 Bharatiya Jan Jagriti Party BJJP 456 Orissa Socialist Party OSP
128 Bhartiya Jan Kalyan Party BJKLP 457 Orissa Vikash Parishad OVP
129 Bharatiya Jan Kisan Party BJKP 458 Paschim Banga Rajya Muslim League PBRML
130 Bahujan Republican Party BJRP 459 People’s Democratic Front PDF
131 Bharatiya Jan Sabha BJS 460 Peoples Democracy of India PDI
132 Bharatiya Jan-Shakti Party BJSP 461 Peoples Democratic League of India PDLI
133 Bharatiya Jantantrik Parishad BJTP 462 Peoples Democratic Party PDP
134 Bharatiya Janvadi Party BJVP 463 Progressive Hul Jharkhand Party (Shibu Group) PHJP(S)
135 Bahujan Kranti Dal BKD 464 Pavitra Hindustan Kaazhagam PHK
136 Bahujan Kranti Dal (Jai) BKD(J) 465 Punjabi Dal PJD
137 Bharatiya Kisan Kamgar Party BKKGP 466 Punjab Janata Morcha PJM
138 Bharatiya Krantikari Kammand Party BKKP 467 People’s Justice Party PJP
139 Bharat Ki Lok Jimmedar Party BKLJP 468 Punjab People’s Party PJPP
140 Bhartiya Kisan Mazdoor Party BKMP 469 Punjab Kairon Dal PKD
141 Bharatiya Krantikari Parishad (H) BKP(H) 470 Panchal Morcha PM
142 Bharatiya Kranti Sena BKS 471 Pondicherry Mannila Makkal Munnani PMMM
143 Bharat Ka Samyawadi Dal (Marxist Leninwadi) BKSD(ML) 472 Pragatisheel Manav Samaj Party PMSP
144 Bharatiya Krantikari Swatantra Jan Parishad BKSJP 473 Praja Party PP
145 Bharti Krishak Seva Samaj BKSS 474 People’s Party of Arunachal PPA
146 Bharatiya Krishi Udyog Sangh BKUS 475 People’s Party of India PPI
147 Bundelkhand Vikas Dal BKVD 476 Political Party of National Management Service PPNMS
148 Bharatiya Lok Kalyan Dal BLKD 477 Pyramid Party of India PPOI
149 Bharti Lok Lehar Party BLLP 478 Parvatiya Punrutthaan Parishad PPP
150 Bharatiya Labour Party BLP 479 Punjab Pradesh Vikas Party PPVP
151 Bodoland People’s Party (Premsing Brahma Group) BLPP(PBH) 480 Poorvanchal Rashtriya Congress PRC
152 Bharatiya Lok Panchayat BLPY 481 Prism PRISM
153 Bharatiya Lok Tantrik Mazdoor Dal BLTMD 482 Panchayat Raj Party PRP
154 Bahujan Loktantrik Party BLTP 483 Parivartan Samaj Party PSJP
155 Bharatha Makkal Congress BMC 484 Pragatisheel Party PSP
156 Bharat Mukti Dal BMD 485 Praja Socialist Party (Kerala) PSP(K)
157 Bharatiya Momin Front BMF 486 People’s Party of Prants PSPP
158 Bundelkhand Mukti Morcha BMM 487 Pratap Shiv Sena PSS
159 Bharatiya Muhabbat Party (All India) BMP(AI) 488 Proutist Sarva Samaj Samiti PSSS
160 Bharatiya Muslim Party (Siddiqui) BMP(S) 489 Puthiya Tamilagam PT
161 Bharatiya Manav Raksha Dal BMRD 490 Plains Tribals Council of Assam PTCA
162 Bhartiya Mahashakti Morcha BMSKM 491 Paschimi Uttar Pradesh Swaraja Party PUPSP
163 Bharatiya Minorities Suraksha Mahasangh BMSM 492 Punjab Vikas Party (Punjab) PVP(P)
164 Bharatiya Naujawan Dal BND 493 Pichhadavarg Samaj Party PVSP
165 Bharathiya Nethaji Party BNJP 494 Peasants And Workers Party of India PWPI
166 Bharat Nav Jyoti Sangh BNJS 495 Quami Janta Dal QJD
167 Bharat Nirudyog Party BNP 496 Quami Morcha QM
168 Bharatiya Nagrik Party BNRP 497 Quami Party QP
169 Bira Oriya Party BOP 498 Rashtriya Alpsankhyak Dalit Party RADP
170 Bharat Pensioner’s Front BPF 499 Rashtriya Aikta Manch RAM
171 Bolshevik Party of India BPI 500 Rashtriya Ali Sena RAS
172 Bharatiya Parivartan Morcha BPM 501 Rashtriya Bahujan Ekta Party RBEP
173 Brij Pradesh Nirman Sangh BPNS 502 Rashtriya Bharat Nav Nirman Sangathan RBNNS
174 Bhartiya Pragatisheel Party BPP 503 Rashtriya Bharasthachar Virodhi Morcha RBVM
175 Bihar People’s Party BPSP 504 Rashtriya Chhatra Kisan Mazdoor Party RCKMP
176 Bharatiya Prajatantra Party BPTP 505 Rashtriya Chetna Manch RCM
177 Bahujan Rashtriya Party BRAP 506 Revolutionary Communist Party of India (Rasik Bhatt) RCPI(R)
178 Bharatiya Rajiv Congress BRC 507 Rashtriya Dharmanirpeksha Nava Bharat Party RDNBP
179 Bharatiya Rashtrawadi Dal BRD 508 Rashtriya Deshbhakt Party RDP
180 Bharatiya Rashtriya Ekta Dal BRED 509 Rising Sun Party RGSP
181 Bharatiya Rashtriya Jan Jagran Congress Party BRJJCP 510 Rashtriya Hindu Morcha RHM
182 Bharatiya Rashtriya Janhit Party BRJP 511 Rashtriya Janta Congress RJC
183 Bhartiya Rakshak Party BRKP 512 Rashtriya Janandholan Paksha RJDP
184 Bharatiya Rashtriya Morcha BRM 513 Rashtriya Janata Janardhan Party RJJP
185 Bharatiya Rashtriya Mazdoor Dal BRMD 514 Rashtriya Janata Morcha Party RJMP
186 Bharatiya Rashtriya Party BRP 515 Republican Janata Party RJP
187 Bharatiya Republican Paksha BRPP 516 Rashtriya Jan Sangam RJS
188 Bharatiya Rashtriya Sangh BRS 517 Rashtriya Jansevak Parishad RJSP
189 Bhartiya Vikas Party BRVP 518 Rajasthan Vikas Party RJVP
190 Bharatiya Samaj Dal BSD 519 Rashtriya Krantikari Dal RKD
191 Bharatiya Sanghathit Party (S) BSGP(S) 520 Rashtriya Kisan Party RKP
192 Bharatiya Shramik Dal BSHD 521 Rashtriya Lok Dal RLD
193 Bharatiya Sarvkalayan Kranti Dal BSK 522 Realist Party of India RLPI
194 Bharatiya Samaj Kalyan Party Bharat BSKPB 523 Rashtriya Mazdoor Ekta Party RMEP
195 Bharteey Samajvadi Morcha BSM 524 Rashtriya Mazdoor Ekta Party (Samajwadi) RMEP(S)
196 Bharatiya Samata Party BSMP 525 Rashtriya Mazdoor Paksha (Gujarat) RMP(G)
197 Bahujan Samaj Party (Ambedkar) BSP(A) 526 Rashtriya Mahasangh RMS
198 Bahujan Samaj Party (Raj Bahadur) BSP(R) 527 Rashtriya Nayay Party RNP
199 Bharatiya Samaj Sangathan Morcha BSSM 528 Republican Party of India(A) RPI(A)
200 Bharatiya Seva Dal BSVD 529 Republican Party of India (Democratic) RPI(D)
201 Bharatiya Samajwadi Vikas Party BSVP 530 Republican Party of India (Khobragade) RPI(KH)
202 Bahujan Vikas Party BVP 531 Republican Party of India (Kamble) RPI(KM)
203 Bharatiya Yuva Shakti BYS 532 Republican Party of India (Sivaraj) RPI(S)
204 Christian Democratic Front CDF 533 Rashtriya Pragatisheel Morcha RPM
205 Cooperator’s Front of Assam CFA 534 Rastreeya Praja Parishat RPP
206 Chhattisgarh Kisan Mazdoor Party CKMP 535 Republican Presidium Party of India RPPI
207 Christian Mannetra Kazhagam CMK 536 Rashtriya Rajdhani Congress Delhi RRCD
208 Chhattisgarh Mukti Morcha CMM 537 Ramrajya Marg RRM
209 Communist Marxist Party Kerala State Committee CMPKSC 538 Rashtriya Samajwadi Congress RSC
210 Congress of People COP 539 Rashtriya Sawarn Dal RSD
211 Chanakya Party CP 540 Rashtriya Samdarshi Party RSDP
212 Communist Party of India (Marxist-Lenninist) (Liberation) CPI(ML)(L) 541 Rashtriya Samajwadi Party ‘Pragatisheel’ RSPP
213 Chhattisgarh Rajya Party CRP 542 Rashtriya Surajya Parishad RSRP
214 Chhattisgarhi Samaj Party CSP 543 Rashtriya Samaj Sevak Dal RSSD
215 Chotanagpur Santhal Pargana Jan Seva Dal CSPJSD 544 Rashtriya Samaj Sudhar Party RSSP
216 Champaran Vikas Party CVP 545 Rashtriya Party RTP
217 Desh Bachao Jan Morcha DBJ 546 Rashtra Suraksha Parishad RTSP
218 Desh Bhakt Party DBP 547 Rashtriya Unnatisheel Dal RUD
219 Democratic Bahujan Samaj Morcha DBSM 548 Rashtriya Vyapar Dal RVD
220 Doordarshi Party DDP 549 Rashtriya Valmik Mazdoor Morcha RVMM
221 Democratic Forward Bloc DFB 550 Rashtriya Vikas Party RVP
222 Democratic Insaf Party DIP 551 Rajasthan Veer Sena RVS
223 Democratic Janta Dal (J&K) DJD(JK) 552 Rashtriya Wahdat Party RWP
224 Democratic Jharkhand Mukti Morcha DJMM 553 Rashtriya Yuva Loktantrik Party RYLP
225 Deseeya Karshaka Party DKP 554 Sabjan Party SABJAN
226 Democratic Movement DM 555 Shiromani Akali Dal (Simranjit Singh Mann) SAD(M)
227 Dalit Mazdoor Kishan Party DMKP 556 Shiromani Akali Dal (S) SAD(S)
228 Dravida Peravai DP 557 Shiromani Akali Dal (Master Tara Singh) SAD(T)
229 Denzong People’s Chogpa DPC 558 Sachet Bharat Party SBHP
230 Democratic Party of India DPI 559 Sadbhavana Party SBP
231 Desia Pathukappu Kazhagam DPK 560 Senior Citizens National Party of India SCNPI
232 Desh Punjab Niyaye Front DPNF 561 Sabka Dal Bharatiya Samajwadi Congress SDBSC
233 Delhi Poorvanchal Party DPP 562 Sanyukt Dastkar Party SDKP
234 Dalit Samaj Party DSP 563 Sarvadharam Party (Madhya Pradesh) SDP(MP)
235 Democratic Socialist Party (Prabodh Chandra) DSP(P) 564 Samajik Ekta Party SEP
236 Dhiravida Thelgar Munnetra Kalagam DTMK 565 Sarvhara Dal SHD
237 Delhi Vikas Party DVP 566 Sahi Party SHP
238 Divya Shakti Party DVSP 567 Sarb Hind Shiromani Akali Dal SHSAD
239 Ekta Kranti Dal U.P. EKD(UP) 568 Shoshit Samaj Party SHSP
240 Ekta Party EP 569 Shiromani Jagat Akali Dal SJAD
241 Ekta Samaj Party ESP 570 Sarvjati Janata Panchayat SJJP
242 Ephraim Union EU 571 Samajwadi Janata Party (Maharashtra) SJP(M)
243 Forward Bloc (Socialist) FB(S) 572 Samajwadi Jan Shakti Andolan SJSA
244 Federation of Sabhas FOS 573 Sinh Jan Seva Party SJSP
245 Gujarat Adijati Vikash Paksh GAVP 574 Samajik Jantantrik Party SJTP
246 Gramya Bharat Bhoomi Dal GBBD 575 Samajik Kranti Dal SKD
247 Gorkha Democratic Front GDF 576 Sikkim Janashakti Party SKJP
248 Gondvana Gantantra Party GGP 577 Sampurna Kranti Dal SKL
249 Ganatantrik Gana Sammilan GGS 578 Social Action Party SLAP
250 Golden India Party GIP 579 Socialist Democratic Party SLDP
251 Gujarat Janata Parishad GJJP 580 Socialist League of India SLI
252 Garib Janata Party GJP 581 Sanjukta Loka Parishad SLP
253 Grama Munnetra Kazhagam GMK 582 Socialist Party (Lohia) SLP(L)
254 Gommant Lok Pokx GMLP 583 Socialist Party (Ramakant Pandey) SLP(R)
255 Garo National Council GNC 584 Soshan Mukti Morcha SMM
256 Gorakha National Liberation Front GNLF 585 Satya Marg Party SMP
257 Green Party of India GPI 586 Sikkim National Liberation Front SNLF
258 Gandhiwadi Rashtriya Congress GRC 587 Samajik Nyaya Party SNP
259 Gurjar Sangh GS 588 Shaheed Pheruman Akali Dal SPAD
260 Gareebjan Samaj Party GSP 589 Secular Party of India SPI
261 Goa Vikas Party GVP 590 Sirpanch Samaj Party SPSP
262 Gujarat Yuva Vikas Party GYVP 591 Sadbhav Pichhera Vikas Partty SPVP
263 Haryana Bhoomiheen Party HBP 592 Socialist Republican Party SRP
264 Haryana Chhatra Yuva Morcha HCYM 593 Sarva Seva Party SRSP
265 Hind Desham HD 594 Sarvahara Samaj Party SRVSP
266 Haryana Democratic Congress HDC 595 Shoshit Samaj Dal SSD
267 Hind Vikas Party HDVP 596 Sanatan Samaj Party SSJP
268 Hindustani Gareebwadi Party HGP 597 Sanatan Samata Sanghatan SSS
269 Hindustan Inqualab Party HIP 598 Swatantra Bharat Paksha STBP
270 Hul Jhharkhand Party HJKP 599 Surajya Party SUP
271 Hindustan Janta Party HJP 600 Sarvodaya Party SVP
272 Hind Kisan Mazdoor Party HKMP 601 Savarn Samaj Party SVSP
273 Himachal Kranti Party HKP 602 Samajwadi Dal SWD
274 Haryana Lok Dal HLD 603 Samajwadi Jan Parishad SWJP
275 Hind Morcha HM 604 Swarajya Party SWP
276 Hind National Party HNP 605 Shiromani Youth Akali Dal (Kahlon) SYAD(K)
277 Hindu Praja Party HPP 606 Satyayug Party SYP
278 Human Rights Party of India HRPI 607 Tamilar Desiya Iyyakkam TDI
279 Himachal Sangam HS 608 Tamil Desiyak Katchi TDK
280 Hind Swarajya Ganatantra Party HSGP 609 The Great India’ Revolutioners TGIR
281 Hindu Samaj Party HSP 610 Telangana Praja Party TGPP
282 Hindustani Samajwadi Peoples Party HSPP 611 Tharasu Makkal Mandram THMM
283 Hindustan Samajwadi Prajatantar Sena (Bharat) HSPS(B) 612 The Humanist Party of India THPI
284 Hindustan Party HTP 613 Tarai Kranti Dal TKD
285 Indian Bahujan Smajwadi Party IBSP 614 Tamilar Kazhagam TLK
286 Indian Democratic Party IDP 615 Thayaka Marumalarchi Kazhagam TMK
287 Indian Democratic Peoples Party IDPP 616 Tamil Nadu Deseeya Grameeya Thozhilalar Congress TNDGTC
288 Indian Democratic Socialist Party IDSP 617 Tamil Nadu Hindu Vellalar Youth Kazhagam TNHVYK
289 Indian Farmers And Workers Party IFWP 618 Tamil Nadu Kamaraj Makkal Iyakkam TNKMI
290 Indian Labour Congress ILC 619 Tamil Nadu Makkal Congress TNMC
291 Indian Liberation Front ILF 620 Tamil Nadu People’s Party TNPP
292 Indian Muslim Congress IMC 621 Tamil Nadu People’s Welfare Association TNPWA
293 Indian National Congress (O) (Anti-Merger Group) INC(O)(A) 622 Tamil Nadu Peasants & Workers Party TNPWP
294 Internationalist Democratic Party INDP 623 Tribal Prople Party TPP
295 Indian National Green Party INGP 624 Tamizhaga Rajiv Congress TRC
296 Indian National League INL 625 The Religion of Man Revolving Political Party of India TRMRPPI
297 Indian National Labour Party INLP 626 The Tamil Nadu State Indian Union Muslim League TTNSIUML
298 Indian National Party INP 627 Tamizhaga Munnetra Munnani TZMM
299 Indian National Secular Front INSF 628 Tamizhar Party TZP
300 Indian People’s Congress IPC 629 United Bodo Nationalist Liberation Front UBNLF
301 Indian People’s Front IPF 630 United Citizens Party UCP
302 Islamic Party of India IPI 631 United Communist Party of India UCPI
303 Indian Republican Front IRF 632 United Indian Democratic Council UIDC
304 Indian Secular Congress ISC 633 United India Peoples Party UIPP
305 Indian Union Muslim League IUML 634 Uttarkhand Party UKD
306 Jai Bharat Party JBP 635 Uttarakhand Kranti Dal UKKD
307 Janata Congress Party of Bharatvarsha JCPB 636 Uttar Pradesh Jan Manas Party UPJMP
308 Janata Dal (A) JD(A) 637 United Peoples Party of Assam UPPA
309 Janata Dal (D) Rajasthan JD(D)R 638 Uttar Pradesh Republican Party UPRP
310 Janata Dal (Pragatisheel) JD(P) 639 Uttar Pradesh Vikas Manch UPVM
311 Jan Ekta Morcha JEM 640 United Reservation Movement Council of Assam URMCA
312 Janhit Morcha JHM 641 United Republican Party URP
313 Jammu And Kashmir Awami League JKAL 642 Uttarakhand Sanskriti Parishad USP
314 Jammu & Kashmir Awami National Conference JKANC 643 United Tribal Nationalists Liberation Front UTNLF
315 Janata Kranti Congress JKC 644 Vivasayi Anbhu Katchi VAK
316 Jawan Kisan Mazdur Party JKMP 645 Vishal Bharat Party VBP
317 J & K National Panthers Party JKNPP 646 Vikaswadi Communism Party VCP
318 Jharkhand Party JKP 647 Vishal Haryana Party VHP
319 Jharkhand Party (Naren) JKP(N) 648 Vijeta Party VJP
320 Jammu And Kashmir Peoples Front JKPF 649 Vokkaligara Parishat VLP
321 Jharkhand People’s Party JKPP 650 Vikas Party VP
322 Jharkhand Liberation Front JLF 651 Vidarbha Praja Party VPP
323 Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (Ulgulan) JMM(U) 652 Vidharabha Rajya Mukti Morcha VRMM
324 Jananishta JN 653 West Bengal Socialist Party (S.N.J. Mirza) WBSP(M)
325 Jai Naujawan Jai Mazdoor Kissan Party JNJMKP 654 West Orissa Peoples Front WOPF
326 Jan Kranti Morcha JNKM 655 Workers Party of India WPI
327 Jammu & Kashmir People Conference JPC 656 Yuva Desham Party YDP
328 Jana Priya JPR 657 Yatharthawadi Jan Morcha YJM
329 Jan Parishad JPS


Administration :

Indian Government is the Federal republic Government. The Federal Government, India comprises the three branches
(i) Legislative (Parliament- which makes the laws),
(ii) Executive (the Government) and
(iii) Judicial (Supreme Court).

Indian Economy :

Country India consists 29 States & 7 Union Territories. India is the multilingual country with 1.2 billion people and the world’s fourth-largest economy. The Indian Army is the world’s third largest army in the world with nuclear weapons. The Indian Military rank sixth in the world by military expenditure among nations. It is also considered for a newly industrialized country.

Presently, India has the fastest growing economy, literacy and wealth in the world. Accordingly to current economic statements, the country stands on the seventh position by nominal GDP and on the third largest position by PPP (Purchasing Power Parity), it is the good achievements. India has growing economy, but the corruption & poverty is the big problem. India continuously facing the challenges by poverty, corruption, malnutrition, lake of proper public healthcare & more. Indian GDP (PPP) 2016 estimates is total $2.384 trillion (on 7th position) and Per capital $1,820 (stands on 141st).

By World Development Report 2014, according to purchasing power parity of 2012, the Indian Economic is the world’s largest 3rd economical country. In which the USA is the first, China second and India stands on the third.

The Indian Army is the third largest army in the world with nuclear weapons.

Asian Countries :

Asian Country
Afghanistan Australia Bangladesh Bhutan Brunei
Myanmar Cambodia China Cook Islands territory East Timor
Fiji French Polynesia territory Guam Hong Kong India
Indonesia Japan Kashmir Kazakhstan Kiribati
North Korea South Korea Kyrgyzstan Laos Macau
Malaysia Maldives Marshall Islands Micronesia Mongolia
Nauru New Caledonia Nepal country New Zealand Niue
Northern Mariana Islands Pakistan Palau country Papua New Guinea Philippines
Samoa country Singapore Sri Lanka Solomon Islands Taiwan
Tajikistan Thailand country Tibet Tokelau Tonga
Turkmenistan Tuvalu Uzbekistan Vanuatu Vietnam

Indian States & Union Territories :


States & Union Territories In India :

Indian States
1. Andhra Pradesh 11. Jharkhand 21. Punjab
2. Arunachal Pradesh 12. Karnataka 22. Rajasthan
3. Assam 13. Kerala 23. Sikkim
4. Bihar 14. Madhya Pradesh 24. Tamil Nadu
5. Chhattisgarh 15. Maharashtra 25. Telangana
6. Goa 16. Manipur 26. Tripura
7. Gujarat 17. Meghalaya 27. Uttar Pradesh
8. Haryana 18. Mizoram 28. Uttarakhand
9. Himachal Pradesh 19. Nagaland 29. West Bengal
10. Jammu & Kashmir 20. Odisha
Union Territories in India
1. Andaman and Nicobar Islands (Port Blair) 2. Chandigarh (Chandigarh) 3. Dadra and Nagar Haveli (Silvassa)
4. Daman and Diu (Daman) 5. Lakshadweep (Kavaratti) 6. The Government of NCT of Delhi (Delhi)
7. Puducherry (Puducherry)

Indian States, Capital & Code :

Indian States
Image by Wikipedia
States Capitals Code
Andhra Pradesh Hyderabad AP
Arunachal Pradesh Itanagar AR
Assam Dispur AS
Bihar Patna BR
Chhattisgarh Raipur CT
Goa Panaji GA
Gujarat Gandhi nagar GJ
Haryana Chandigarh HR
Himachal Pradesh Shimla HP
Jammu and Kashmir Srinagar (summer)
Jammu (winter)
Jharkhand Ranchi JH
Karnataka Bangalore KA
Kerala Tiruvanananthapuram KL
Madhya Pradesh Bhopal MP
Maharashtra Mumbai MH
Manipur Imphal MN
Meghalaya Shillong ML
Mizoram Aizawl MZ
Nagaland Kohima NL
Orissa Bhubaneshwar OR
Punjab Chandigarh PB
Rajasthan Jaipur RJ
Sikkim Gangtok SK
Tamil Nadu Chennai TN
Telangana Hyderabad TG
Tripura Agartala TR
Uttar Pradesh Lucknow UP
Uttarakhand Dehra Dun UT
West Bengal Kolkatta WB

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