Satyameva Jayate
| सत्यमेव जयते |
(Truth Alone Triumphs)

India Flag

Embleme of

Emblem of India

National SongVande Mataram
(Bow to Thee, Mother)
National AnthemJana Gana Mana
(Thou Art the Rules of the minds of All people)
DefenceIndian Armed Forces
Area7th largest country in the world by population.
Total KM : 3,287,263
Total Sq mi : 1,269,346
Water % : 9.6
Capital : New Delhi, 22.654 million
Number of State : 29
Union Territory : 07
Largest Cities
Mumbai 19.744 million
Kolkata 14.402 million
Chennai 8.784 million
Bangalore 8.614 million
Hyderabad 7.837 million (2011)
Life expectancy : 64 years (men) and 68 years (women)
Official LanguageHindi and English
National LanguagesNot defined
Religions in India
Population2nd largest country in the world by population
2016 (estimate)1,293,057,000
2011 census1,210,854,977
Density per km388.3
Population by religions in %79.8% Hindu
14.2% Islam
2.3% Christian
1.7% Sikh
0.7% Buddhism
0.4% Jainism
0.9% Others
Indian Government
Federal ParliamentaryConstitutional Republic
PresidentPranab Mukherjee
Vice PresidentMohammad Hamid Ansari
Prime MinisterNarendra Modi (India’s 13th president )
Lok Sabha (Lower House) SpeakerSumitra Mahajan
Chief JusticeJagdish Singh Khehar
LegislatureParliament of India
Upper HouseRajya Sabha
Lower HouseLok Sabha
Monetaray Unit / CurrencyRupee (₹) (INR)
Time zoneIST (UTC+05:30)
Date Formatdd-mm-yyyy
Driving Side in indiaLeft Side
Country Call Code+91
National Symbols of India
National Anthem : Jana-Gana-Mana
National Song : Vande Mataram
State Emblem : Sarnath Lion
National Bird : Peacock (Pavo Muticus)
National Animal : Tiger
National Flower : Lotus (Nelumbo Nucifera)
National Tree : Ficus Benghalensis
National Fruit : Mango
Water Body : South Asian River Dolphin
National Game : Hockey

(भारत), in Sanskrit: Bhārata. The India is a country situated at the center of South Asia. The Country India is also known by other names as ‘Jambudvipa’, Bartknd, aaryaavart, India (Hindustan), Indian, etc.. India counts in the seventh largest country by area and with the world’s most populous country.By population, the India stands on the second most populous country by 1.2 billion (1,251,695,584) population. In this country, people who speaks several languages and dialects, have lived here. A similar view is seen from here in Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain religions etc. India is a secular country. It is also known for world’s largest democracy and second most populous country, which has emerged as a major power in the 1990s. India has major cultural influence and a fast-growing, powerful economy and the literacy wealth are also rising.

India gets name by Greek word of Indus Valley, and the mean of this word is “the people who live near the Indus River”. India is the fourth largest number of Spoken languages country in the world, including the five most popular world religions of Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Christianity and Buddhism. The people’s from different religions are live here from thousands of years. Hindi is most usable language in the India. Hindi language most widely spoken language with the ratio of 41% by the people’s. Indian peoples used more 14 other official languages of in which Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Malayalam, Punjabi, Tamil, Urdu, Oriya, Kashmiri, Sindhi, and Sanskrit, Telugu. The % ratio of used of India languages are Hindi 41%, Bengali 8.1%, Telugu 7.2%, Marathi 7%, Tamil 5.9%, Urdu 5%, Gujarati 4.5%, Kannada 3.7%, Malayalam 3.2%, Oriya 3.2%, Punjabi 2.8%, Assamese 1.3%, Maithili 1.2%, other 5.9%.

According to UN estimates, population of India may overtake China’s in 2028 and would become the world’s highest populous country in the world. India lands cover totally 12,69,212 in Square Miles, and 32,87,263 in Square Kilometers. India is the seventh largest country in the world by area and largest in South Asia bound with Arabian Sea & Bay of Bengal, between Burma and Pakistan. Indian is a peninsula which bounded by Indian Ocean (in south), with Arabian Sea (in south-west) and Bay of Bengal (south-east).

India has seven neighboring countries and also share the land border’s with them. India border shared with China and Nepal in North,  Pakistan in North-West, Bhutan and Bangladesh in North-East, Myanmar in East and Sri Lanka & Maldives that an island, in the south. at while Andaman and Nicobar Islands shares maritime border with Thailand and Indonesia. Each Country has own states & capital. The capital of the India is New Delhi. India has 29 states & 7 union territories.

India is the founding member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) also. India and China are the fastest growing economies nations in the world. Today, the India stands on 83rd number on the most corrupt nation out of 174 recognized countries and it is the big problem of India. It’s not a last problem, with this, India faces many problems such as poverty, corruption, malnutrition, inadequate public health care and the challenges of terrorism. India is a diverse, multi-lingual, and multi-ethnic society. The Indian Army is a regional power.

Etymology :

Currently, India is the country name is “Bharat” or “India” is. In addition to India, India 
‘Jambudvipa’, Bartknd, Aaryaavart, India (Hindustan), Indian,
etc., also known by other names. India is a part of the Indian subcontinent, including India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and the country is left out. The emergence of India and India called India’s modern name derives from the word Indus. Foreign Irani the undivided India named Indus, the Indian subcontinent has been the hallmark of the geography of the North-West. Ancient Irani People spoke “S” word in to “H” in their language and speech “Indus” in place of “Hindu” word was used.

Mythology :

According to Indian philosophy, After the origin of the universe, Swaynbhuv Manu psyche son of Lord Brahma, has operated the world. Swaynbhuv Manu had two sons, which Named “PRIYABRATA” and “Uttanpad”. Uttanpad was the father of devotee Dhruv. Priyabrata ten sons. These ten sons were detached three sons from childhood and therefore, PRIYABRATA the earth divided into seven parts, and handed over to the seven brothers. The seven sons of a son in the name – “Agnidhr” and are given the responsibility of the regime Jambudvipa. Agnidhr in the old age, Jambudvipa different places regime handed over to his nine sons. Eldest the nine sons – the Nabhi. The terrain was himavarsh Agnidhr son Nabhi.
His full name was Ajanab. He adding his name with himavarsh and promoted Ajnabwarsh.

Rishabh was the son of King Nabhi (Ajnabwarsh). The origin of the name is concerned, India – Emperor Chakravarti of ancient India, descendant of Manu, the son of God Rishabhdev is Bharat. Bharat was the majestic king and great devotee. In the hundred sons of Rishabhdev, Bharat was the eldest and talented. In his old age, the Rishabhdev delivered him to his whole kingdom. In the name of King Bharata, People’s  said – Ajanabwars the Bharatwarsh. In the Vishnu Purana mentions that (“ततश्च भारतवर्ष तल्लो केषु गीयते” ) “since the country came to be called the Bharatwarsh”. Vayu Purana also says that before the name of India was himavarsh.

Indian History :

The history of the Indian subcontinent, about 75,000 years old and proof of Homo sapiens comes from human activities. The history of India is considered one of the world’s great chapters of Indian history because once it is too old and is very difficult to understand. The ancient Greeks called “India” to Bharat and Medieval Muslim historians of India, is referred to as Hind (Hindustan). 5000 years ago the inhabitants of the Indus Valley civilization, based on its agriculture and trade had developed an urban culture.Well.

Indian historians, the history is divided into three parts: –

1. Ancient India,
2. Medieval India and
3. Modern India.

1. Ancient India : Knowing the history of ancient India Source:
Prehistoric Age, Vedic civilization, Rise Mahājanapada (Sanskrit महाजनपद), Jainism, Buddhism, Shaivism, Vaishnavism, Islam, Isain religion, Magadha kingdom, Alexander, Maurya Empire, Brahmin Empire, The Kingdom Of India Yavan (यवन), Shak (शक), Kushan (कुषाण), Secret (गुप्त) Empire, Pushyabhuti descent, South India’s leading dynasty, The emergence of the border Dynasties and more.

Ancient Indian history information is derived mainly from four sources, which are 1. Scripture, 2. Historical texts, 3. Details of foreigners and 4. Archeology-related evidence.

2. Medieval India : History of medieval India has much to learn which key facts are :-

Arab attacks of India, Mahmoud Gajnbi, Muhammad Ghauri, Sultanate period, Vijayanagar Empire, Bahmani kingdom, Independent provincial state,
Sufi movement, Devotional movement, Mughal Empire, Mughal polity and Mratha flourishing

3. Modern India :- The history of modern India is too big. Learn the history of modern India, we can get from the following sources :-

Mughal Emperor, The arrival of European companies with business in India, Bengal, the British lordship, British relations with Mysore, Sikhs and the British, Companies subject to the Governor General, The great revolution of 1857 AD., important revolt during the British Raj.

India’s freedom struggle : important facts, Indian national movement of important organizations and institutions, Indian national movement of important facts, India’s great martyr, The key word during the Indian independence movement and the slogan, Published papers related to the movement, magazines and books, Congress session where and when, India’s historic battles, Major dynasty, founder and capital.

Important Years in The Indian History :-

Important Years of Indian History  – India is the world’s largest democracy nation with the 1.2 billion people and the world’s fourth largest economy power. Know about the Most Important years in Indian History :

  • 2500 BC :
    The India has been home to several ancient civilizations and empires.
  • 1600 :
    British came to India and establish East India Company by the 1850 and control the most of part of the India.
  • 1858 :
    British Raj Start : By British Raj, India comes direct under in Rules of British Government.
  • 1920 :
    Struggle for Freedom : The nationalist leader of Mahatma Gandhi started a non-violent protest against British Rules for freedom.
  • 1947 :
    In 1947, India has divided in to two parts in 1947 of Hindustan & Pakistan. Different religions country at while Pakistan controlled Muslim. The India & Pakistan fight 3 times over Kashmir.
  • 1950 :
    In 1950, the India becomes a Republic nation and the Indian Congress becomes the dominant party in India.
  • 1962 :
    In 1962, two countries India & Pakistan fight a border war.
  • 1971 :
    In 1971, India & Pakistan start war again over East Pakistan.
  • 1974 :
    In 1974, The India starts the first underground nuclear test
  • 1990 :
    Indian Government begin a programme of economic liberalization and reformation, opening up the economy to global trade and investment.
  • 2000 :
    In 2000, India cross the population of 1 billion.
  • 2014 :
    in 2014, the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) get biggest score in election, that was vary in 30 years.

Indian Governance (Politics) and Administration :

Indian Politics : 

Indian Politics Joint Parliamentary Representatives are incorporated in the democratic state structure, where the Prime Minister is the head of the government and there is a multi-party system. According to the Constitution, India is a prime, socialist, secular, democratic country where the government is elected by the people.

India also has a joint government similar to that of the United States but, in India, the central government is more powerful than the state governments, which is based on the parliamentary system of Britain.

Know About : 

  1. Rajya Sabha
  2. Lok Sabha
  3. Cabinet Secretariat
  4. Government Ministries / Departments
  5. Consulting Committee
  6. Parliamentary Committee
  7. Legislature
  8. Executive
  9. President
  10. Vice President
  11. Council Of Ministers
  12. Administrative Structure
  13. Controller Of Audit
  14. Administrative Reforms And Public Grievances
  15. Administrative Authority
  16. Official Language
  17. Public Service
  18. National Authority, Chemical Weapons Convention
  19. Other Parliamentary Functions
  20. Youth Parliament Competition
  21. Nomination Of Parliament Members In Government Committees / Bodies
  22. Ability To Subscribe To Parliament
  23. Government Work In Parliament
  24. Leader Of Opposition In Parliament
  25. Work And Authority Of Parliament

Political Parties In India : 

A. National Party
B. Regional Party

A. National Parties in India : 

  1. Indian national congress
  2. Bharatiya Janata Party
  3. Bahujan Samajwadi Party
  4. Janata Dal
  5. Muslim league
  6. Communist Party of India (Marxist)
  7. Communist Party of India

B. Regional Parties in India : 

S. No.RegionalAbbreviationS. No.RegionalAbbreviation
1Akhil Bharatiya Ashok SenaABAS330Janadhipathiya Samrekshna SamitiJPSS
2Akhil Bhartiya Bharat Desham Party, DelhiABBDP331Jan Satta PartyJSAP
3Akhil Bharatiya Bharat Mata-Putra PakshaABBMPP332Jan Samanta PartyJSMP
4Akhil Bharatiya Bhrastachar Nirmoolan SenaABBNS333Jan Sewa PartyJSP
5Akhil Bhartiya Berozgaar PartyABBP334Jan Sevek SanghathanJSS
6Akhil Bharatiya DalABD335Jan Swarajya PartyJSWP
7Akhil Bharatiya Desh Bhakt MorchaABDBM336Jatiya Kranti ManchJTKM
8Akhil Bharatiya Dharmnirpeksh DalABDD337Jai Telengana PartyJTP
9Akhil Bharatiya Dastkar MorchaABDM338Janata Vikas PartyJVP
10Akhil Bharatiya Dalit Utthan PartyABDUP339Kanchee Aringer Anna Dravida Makkal KazhagamKAADMK
11Akhand Bharat Ekta AndolanABEA340Krantikari Berozgar PartyKBP
12Akhil Bharatiya Gareeb PartyABGBP341Kannada Chalavali Vatal PakshaKCVP
13Akhil Bharatiya Gorkha LeagueABGL342Kisan DeshamKD
14Akhil Bharatiya General Labour PartyABGLP343Kamarajar Deseeya CongressKDC
15Akhil Bharatiya Garib Mazdoor Kisan PartyABGMKP344Kannada Desha PartyKDP
16Akhil Bharatiya Hindustani Krantikari Samajwadi PartyABHKSP345Kerala Congress (B)KEC(B)
17Akhil Bharat Hindu MahasabhaABHM346Kerala Congress (Jacob)KEC(J)
18Akhil Bharatiya SenaABHS347Karnataka GanaparishathKGP
19Akhil Bharatiya Janata CongressABJC348Kanpur Grameen SansthanKGS
20Akhil Bharatiya Janhit Jagrit PartyABJJP349Karnataka Kranthi DalKKD
21Akhil Bharatiya Jagrook Nagrik DalABJND350Kalyan MorchaKM
22Akhil Bharatiya Jan SanghABJS351Kisan Mazdoor Bahujan PartyKMBP
23Akhil Bhartiya Janata Vikas PartyABJVP352Kisan Mazdoor Gaon RajKMGR
24Akhil Bharatiya Kissan Mazdoor MorchaABKMM353Kaivinayger Munnetra KazhagamKMK
25Akhil Bharatiya Lokraj PartyABLRP354Krantikari Manuwadi MorchaKMM
26Akhil Bharatiya Lok Tantrik Alp-Sankhyak Jan MorchaABLTASJM355Kuki National AssemblyKNA
27Akhil Bhartiya Lok Tantrik CongressABLTC356Kannada PakshaKP
28Akhil Bharatiya Loktantra PartyABLTP357Karnataka PragatirangaKPR
29Akhil Bharatiya Manav Adhikar DalABMAD358Kranti DalKRD
30Akhil Bharatiya Mahila DalABMD359Kranti ParishadKRP
31Akhil Bharatiya Manav Kalyan Ram Rajya CommitteeABMKRRC360Karnataka Rajya Ryota SanghaKRRS
32Akhil Bharatiya Maratha MahasanghABMM361Kranti SabhaKRS
33Akhil Bartiya Manav Seva DalABMSD362Krantikari Samajwadi ManchKSM
34Akahand Bharat Mahasangh Sarvahara Krantikari PartyABMSKP363Kosal PartyKSP
35Ambedkarbadi PartyABP364Krantikari Samajwadi Party LohiaKSPL
36Akhil Bharatiya Pichhadavarg PartyABPP365Kisan Kranti DalKTKD
37Akhil Bharatiya Rashtriya Azad Hind PartyABRAHP366Karnataka Thamizhar Munnetra KazhagamKTMK
38Akhil Bharatiya Rajivwadi Congress (Dubey)ABRC(D)367Karnataka Vikas PartyKTVP
39Akhil Bharatiya Ram Rajya Parishad (Prem Ballabh Vyas)ABRRP(P)368Kisan Vyawasayee Mazdoor PartyKVMP
40Akhil Bharatiya Ram Rajya Parishad (V.S.Atul).ABRRP(V)369Kisan Vikas PartyKVP
41Akhil Bharatiya Rajarya SabhaABRS370Kamjor Varg Sangh,BiharKVSB
42Akhil Bharatiya Rashtriya Sanathan SabhaABRSS371Lok Bhalai PartyLBP
43Akhil Bharatiya Revolutionary Shoshit Samaj DalABRSSD372Lattin CongressLC
44Abhinav Bharat SanghABS373Lok DalLD
45Akhil Bharatiya Shivsena RashtrawadiABSR374Life Peaceful PartyLFPP
46Apna DalAD375Lok Hit PartyLHP
47Annadata PartyADP376Loktantrik Jan Samta PartyLJSP
48Agar Jan PartyAGRJP377Labour And Job Seeker’s Party of IndiaLJSPI
49Azad Hind Fauz (R)AHF378Lok Hit MorchaLM
50All Party Hill Leader’s Conference (Armison Marak Group)AHL(AG)379Lok PartyLP
51All India Azad Hind Mazdur And Jan Kalyan PartyAIAHMJKP380Labour Party of India (V.V.Prasad)LPI(V)
52All India Christian Democratic And Backward People’s PartyAICDBPP381Lairam People PartyLPP
53All India Democratic People FederationAIDPF382Lok Swarajya AbhiyanLSAB
54All India Forward Bloc (Subhasist)AIFB(S)383Lok Swaraj AndholanLSAN
55All India Gareeb CongressAIGC384Lok Seva ParishadLSP
56All India Homeless People CongressAIHPC385Lok Swarajya SanghLSS
57All India Indira Congress (Secular)AIIC(S)386Loktantrik Samajwadi PartyLSWP
58All India Justice PartyAIJP387Labour Vikas PartyLVP
59All India Kisan Mazdoor SabhaAIKMS388M.G.R.Anna D.M.KazhagamMADMK
60All India Lok Raj PartyAILRP389Mahila Adhikar PartyMAP
61All India Labour Welfare PartyAILWP390Mukt BharatMB
62All India Minorities FrontAIMF391Mool Bharati (S) PartyMB(S)P
63All India Majlis-E-Ittehadul MuslimeenAIMIM392Majlis Bachao TahreekMBT
64All India Muslim ForumAIMLF393Matra Bhoomi Vikas PartyMBVP
65All India Mahila Raj PartyAIMRP394Maydhaavi Congress (J)MC(J)
66All India Nethaji CongressAINC395Marxist Co-OrdinationMCO
67All India National Youth PartyAINYP396Marxist Communist Party of India (S.S.Srivastava)MCPI(S)
68Anti Injustice PartyAIP397Maraland Democratic FrontMDF
69All India Pravasi DalAIPD398Marxist Engelist Leninist Proletariat Health CommuneMELPHC
70All India People’s PartyAIPP399M.G.R. KazhagamMGRK
71All India Rajiv Krantikari CongressAIRKC400M.G.R.MunnaiMGRM
72All India Shiromani Baba Jiwan Singh Mazhbi DalAISBJSMD401Manipur Hill People’s CouncilMHPC
73All India Tribes And Minorities FrontAITMF402Mizoram Janata DalMJD
74All India Tafsili United PartyAITUP403Manav Kalyan Sangh DalMKSD
75All India Urdu MorchaAIUM404Mahakaushal Vikas PartyMKVP
76All India Vakkalar Munnetra KalagamAIVMK405M.G.R.Mannetra KazhagamMMK
77All India Youth Akali DalAIYAD406M.G.R.Makkal Munnetra KazhagamMMMK
78Ajeya Bharat PartyAJBP407Mahabharath Mahajan SabhaMMS
79All J & K Peoples Patriotic FrontAJKPPF408Muslim Majlis Uttar PradeshMMUP
80Asom Jatiya ParishadAJP409Mizo National Front (Democrats)-ChawanzualaMNF(D)C
81Ambedkar Kranti DalAKD410Makkal Nalurimaik Kazhagam (People’s Liberal Party)MNK(PLP)
82All Kerala M.G.R. Dravida Munnetra PartyAKMDMP411Manipur People’s CouncilMNPC
83Adarsh Lok DalALD412Manava PartyMP
84Amra BangaleeAMB413Maharashtra Pradesh Krantikari PartyMPKP
85Andhra Nadu PartyANP414Madhya Pradesh Loktantrik PartyMPLP
86Andaman Nicobar Vikas CongressANVC415Manipur People’s Party (Democratic)MPP(D)
87Awami PartyAP416Meghalaya Progressive Peoples PartyMPPP
88Ambedkar Peoples MovementAPM417Maharashtra Rashtravadi CongressMRC
89Ambedkar Puratchikara Makkal KatchiAPMK418Maharashtra Republican PartyMRP
90Andhra Pradesh Navodaya Praja PartyAPNPP419Makkal Sakthi EyakkamMSE
91Andaman People’s PartyAPP420Manav Samaj PartyMSP
92Ambedkar Pragatisheel Republican DalAPRD421Manav Sewa PartyMSWP
93Arya DalARD422Marumalarchi ThamizhakamMT
94Aryan Nationalist PartyARNP423Maharashtra Vikas CongressMVC
95Arya SabhaARS424Moovendar Munnetra KazhagamMVMK
96Ambedkar Samaj PartyASP425Manav Vikas PartyMVP
97Anna Telugu Desam PartyATDP426National ConfederationNCFD
98Anaithinthiya Thamizhaga Munnetra KazhagamATMK427Navabharath Congress Party (R)NCP(R)
99Adarshwadi DalAWD428National Congress of YouthNCY
100Awami National PartyAWNP429Nationalist Democratic MovementNDM
101Bharatiya Adarash PartyBADP430National Democratic PartyNDP
102Bharatiya Asht Jan PartyBAJP431National Democratic Peoples FrontNDPF
103Bharatiya Ambedkar PartyBAMP432New India National MovementNINM
104Bharatiya Azad PartyBAZP433New India PartyNIP
105Bharipa Bahujan MahasanghaBBM434Netaji Subhash PartyNJSP
106Bharatiya Berozgar Mazdoor Kisan DalBBMKD435National Loktantrik PartyNLP
107Bharatiya Backward PartyBBP436Nagaland Peoples PartyNLPP
108Bharat Bachao Party of IndiaBBPI437Nidaye Malik (N) PartyNMNP
109Bhrashtachar Virodhi DalBCVD438National Minorities PartyNMP
110Bharat DalBD439Nav Maharashtra Vikas PartyNMVP
111Bhartiya Deshbhakt PartyBDBP440Naga National PartyNNLP
112Bharatiya Democratic DalBDD441Nava Nirmana Nagarika SamithiNNNS
113Bharatiya Dhuni PartyBDP442National Organisation CongressNOC
114Bharatiya Ekta PartyBEP443National PartyNP
115Bahujan Ekta Party (R)BEP(R)444Nagaland People’s CouncilNPC
116Bhartiya Gorkha JanashaktiBGJ445Nationalist Party of IndiaNPI
117Baghel Khand SamajBGKS446National People’s PartyNPP
118Bharatiya Gareeb PartyBGP447National Republican PartyNRP
119Bharatiya Jan CongressBHJC448Netaji Subhas Biplabi ParishadNSBP
120Bharat Jan PartyBHJP449National Students PartyNSP
121Bhomi Jotak SamoohBHJS450Nag Vidarbha Andolan SamitiNVAS
122Bharatiya Jan Vikas PartyBHJVP451Native People’s PartyNVPP
123Bharatiya Rashtriya ParishadBHRP452Nayee PartyNYP
124Bharatiya Hindu SenaBHS453Orissa CongressOCG
125Bhartiya Jana Congress (Rashtriya)BJC(R)454Orissa Communist PartyOCP
126Bharatiya Jai Jawan Jai Kisan PartyBJJJKP455Orissa Khandayat Khetriya Krusak Gana ParishadOKKKGP
127Bharatiya Jan Jagriti PartyBJJP456Orissa Socialist PartyOSP
128Bhartiya Jan Kalyan PartyBJKLP457Orissa Vikash ParishadOVP
129Bharatiya Jan Kisan PartyBJKP458Paschim Banga Rajya Muslim LeaguePBRML
130Bahujan Republican PartyBJRP459People’s Democratic FrontPDF
131Bharatiya Jan SabhaBJS460Peoples Democracy of IndiaPDI
132Bharatiya Jan-Shakti PartyBJSP461Peoples Democratic League of IndiaPDLI
133Bharatiya Jantantrik ParishadBJTP462Peoples Democratic PartyPDP
134Bharatiya Janvadi PartyBJVP463Progressive Hul Jharkhand Party (Shibu Group)PHJP(S)
135Bahujan Kranti DalBKD464Pavitra Hindustan KaazhagamPHK
136Bahujan Kranti Dal (Jai)BKD(J)465Punjabi DalPJD
137Bharatiya Kisan Kamgar PartyBKKGP466Punjab Janata MorchaPJM
138Bharatiya Krantikari Kammand PartyBKKP467People’s Justice PartyPJP
139Bharat Ki Lok Jimmedar PartyBKLJP468Punjab People’s PartyPJPP
140Bhartiya Kisan Mazdoor PartyBKMP469Punjab Kairon DalPKD
141Bharatiya Krantikari Parishad (H)BKP(H)470Panchal MorchaPM
142Bharatiya Kranti SenaBKS471Pondicherry Mannila Makkal MunnaniPMMM
143Bharat Ka Samyawadi Dal (Marxist Leninwadi)BKSD(ML)472Pragatisheel Manav Samaj PartyPMSP
144Bharatiya Krantikari Swatantra Jan ParishadBKSJP473Praja PartyPP
145Bharti Krishak Seva SamajBKSS474People’s Party of ArunachalPPA
146Bharatiya Krishi Udyog SanghBKUS475People’s Party of IndiaPPI
147Bundelkhand Vikas DalBKVD476Political Party of National Management ServicePPNMS
148Bharatiya Lok Kalyan DalBLKD477Pyramid Party of IndiaPPOI
149Bharti Lok Lehar PartyBLLP478Parvatiya Punrutthaan ParishadPPP
150Bharatiya Labour PartyBLP479Punjab Pradesh Vikas PartyPPVP
151Bodoland People’s Party (Premsing Brahma Group)BLPP(PBH)480Poorvanchal Rashtriya CongressPRC
152Bharatiya Lok PanchayatBLPY481PrismPRISM
153Bharatiya Lok Tantrik Mazdoor DalBLTMD482Panchayat Raj PartyPRP
154Bahujan Loktantrik PartyBLTP483Parivartan Samaj PartyPSJP
155Bharatha Makkal CongressBMC484Pragatisheel PartyPSP
156Bharat Mukti DalBMD485Praja Socialist Party (Kerala)PSP(K)
157Bharatiya Momin FrontBMF486People’s Party of PrantsPSPP
158Bundelkhand Mukti MorchaBMM487Pratap Shiv SenaPSS
159Bharatiya Muhabbat Party (All India)BMP(AI)488Proutist Sarva Samaj SamitiPSSS
160Bharatiya Muslim Party (Siddiqui)BMP(S)489Puthiya TamilagamPT
161Bharatiya Manav Raksha DalBMRD490Plains Tribals Council of AssamPTCA
162Bhartiya Mahashakti MorchaBMSKM491Paschimi Uttar Pradesh Swaraja PartyPUPSP
163Bharatiya Minorities Suraksha MahasanghBMSM492Punjab Vikas Party (Punjab)PVP(P)
164Bharatiya Naujawan DalBND493Pichhadavarg Samaj PartyPVSP
165Bharathiya Nethaji PartyBNJP494Peasants And Workers Party of IndiaPWPI
166Bharat Nav Jyoti SanghBNJS495Quami Janta DalQJD
167Bharat Nirudyog PartyBNP496Quami MorchaQM
168Bharatiya Nagrik PartyBNRP497Quami PartyQP
169Bira Oriya PartyBOP498Rashtriya Alpsankhyak Dalit PartyRADP
170Bharat Pensioner’s FrontBPF499Rashtriya Aikta ManchRAM
171Bolshevik Party of IndiaBPI500Rashtriya Ali SenaRAS
172Bharatiya Parivartan MorchaBPM501Rashtriya Bahujan Ekta PartyRBEP
173Brij Pradesh Nirman SanghBPNS502Rashtriya Bharat Nav Nirman SangathanRBNNS
174Bhartiya Pragatisheel PartyBPP503Rashtriya Bharasthachar Virodhi MorchaRBVM
175Bihar People’s PartyBPSP504Rashtriya Chhatra Kisan Mazdoor PartyRCKMP
176Bharatiya Prajatantra PartyBPTP505Rashtriya Chetna ManchRCM
177Bahujan Rashtriya PartyBRAP506Revolutionary Communist Party of India (Rasik Bhatt)RCPI(R)
178Bharatiya Rajiv CongressBRC507Rashtriya Dharmanirpeksha Nava Bharat PartyRDNBP
179Bharatiya Rashtrawadi DalBRD508Rashtriya Deshbhakt PartyRDP
180Bharatiya Rashtriya Ekta DalBRED509Rising Sun PartyRGSP
181Bharatiya Rashtriya Jan Jagran Congress PartyBRJJCP510Rashtriya Hindu MorchaRHM
182Bharatiya Rashtriya Janhit PartyBRJP511Rashtriya Janta CongressRJC
183Bhartiya Rakshak PartyBRKP512Rashtriya Janandholan PakshaRJDP
184Bharatiya Rashtriya MorchaBRM513Rashtriya Janata Janardhan PartyRJJP
185Bharatiya Rashtriya Mazdoor DalBRMD514Rashtriya Janata Morcha PartyRJMP
186Bharatiya Rashtriya PartyBRP515Republican Janata PartyRJP
187Bharatiya Republican PakshaBRPP516Rashtriya Jan SangamRJS
188Bharatiya Rashtriya SanghBRS517Rashtriya Jansevak ParishadRJSP
189Bhartiya Vikas PartyBRVP518Rajasthan Vikas PartyRJVP
190Bharatiya Samaj DalBSD519Rashtriya Krantikari DalRKD
191Bharatiya Sanghathit Party (S)BSGP(S)520Rashtriya Kisan PartyRKP
192Bharatiya Shramik DalBSHD521Rashtriya Lok DalRLD
193Bharatiya Sarvkalayan Kranti DalBSK522Realist Party of IndiaRLPI
194Bharatiya Samaj Kalyan Party BharatBSKPB523Rashtriya Mazdoor Ekta PartyRMEP
195Bharteey Samajvadi MorchaBSM524Rashtriya Mazdoor Ekta Party (Samajwadi)RMEP(S)
196Bharatiya Samata PartyBSMP525Rashtriya Mazdoor Paksha (Gujarat)RMP(G)
197Bahujan Samaj Party (Ambedkar)BSP(A)526Rashtriya MahasanghRMS
198Bahujan Samaj Party (Raj Bahadur)BSP(R)527Rashtriya Nayay PartyRNP
199Bharatiya Samaj Sangathan MorchaBSSM528Republican Party of India(A)RPI(A)
200Bharatiya Seva DalBSVD529Republican Party of India (Democratic)RPI(D)
201Bharatiya Samajwadi Vikas PartyBSVP530Republican Party of India (Khobragade)RPI(KH)
202Bahujan Vikas PartyBVP531Republican Party of India (Kamble)RPI(KM)
203Bharatiya Yuva ShaktiBYS532Republican Party of India (Sivaraj)RPI(S)
204Christian Democratic FrontCDF533Rashtriya Pragatisheel MorchaRPM
205Cooperator’s Front of AssamCFA534Rastreeya Praja ParishatRPP
206Chhattisgarh Kisan Mazdoor PartyCKMP535Republican Presidium Party of IndiaRPPI
207Christian Mannetra KazhagamCMK536Rashtriya Rajdhani Congress DelhiRRCD
208Chhattisgarh Mukti MorchaCMM537Ramrajya MargRRM
209Communist Marxist Party Kerala State CommitteeCMPKSC538Rashtriya Samajwadi CongressRSC
210Congress of PeopleCOP539Rashtriya Sawarn DalRSD
211Chanakya PartyCP540Rashtriya Samdarshi PartyRSDP
212Communist Party of India (Marxist-Lenninist) (Liberation)CPI(ML)(L)541Rashtriya Samajwadi Party ‘Pragatisheel’RSPP
213Chhattisgarh Rajya PartyCRP542Rashtriya Surajya ParishadRSRP
214Chhattisgarhi Samaj PartyCSP543Rashtriya Samaj Sevak DalRSSD
215Chotanagpur Santhal Pargana Jan Seva DalCSPJSD544Rashtriya Samaj Sudhar PartyRSSP
216Champaran Vikas PartyCVP545Rashtriya PartyRTP
217Desh Bachao Jan MorchaDBJ546Rashtra Suraksha ParishadRTSP
218Desh Bhakt PartyDBP547Rashtriya Unnatisheel DalRUD
219Democratic Bahujan Samaj MorchaDBSM548Rashtriya Vyapar DalRVD
220Doordarshi PartyDDP549Rashtriya Valmik Mazdoor MorchaRVMM
221Democratic Forward BlocDFB550Rashtriya Vikas PartyRVP
222Democratic Insaf PartyDIP551Rajasthan Veer SenaRVS
223Democratic Janta Dal (J&K)DJD(JK)552Rashtriya Wahdat PartyRWP
224Democratic Jharkhand Mukti MorchaDJMM553Rashtriya Yuva Loktantrik PartyRYLP
225Deseeya Karshaka PartyDKP554Sabjan PartySABJAN
226Democratic MovementDM555Shiromani Akali Dal (Simranjit Singh Mann)SAD(M)
227Dalit Mazdoor Kishan PartyDMKP556Shiromani Akali Dal (S)SAD(S)
228Dravida PeravaiDP557Shiromani Akali Dal (Master Tara Singh)SAD(T)
229Denzong People’s ChogpaDPC558Sachet Bharat PartySBHP
230Democratic Party of IndiaDPI559Sadbhavana PartySBP
231Desia Pathukappu KazhagamDPK560Senior Citizens National Party of IndiaSCNPI
232Desh Punjab Niyaye FrontDPNF561Sabka Dal Bharatiya Samajwadi CongressSDBSC
233Delhi Poorvanchal PartyDPP562Sanyukt Dastkar PartySDKP
234Dalit Samaj PartyDSP563Sarvadharam Party (Madhya Pradesh)SDP(MP)
235Democratic Socialist Party (Prabodh Chandra)DSP(P)564Samajik Ekta PartySEP
236Dhiravida Thelgar Munnetra KalagamDTMK565Sarvhara DalSHD
237Delhi Vikas PartyDVP566Sahi PartySHP
238Divya Shakti PartyDVSP567Sarb Hind Shiromani Akali DalSHSAD
239Ekta Kranti Dal U.P.EKD(UP)568Shoshit Samaj PartySHSP
240Ekta PartyEP569Shiromani Jagat Akali DalSJAD
241Ekta Samaj PartyESP570Sarvjati Janata PanchayatSJJP
242Ephraim UnionEU571Samajwadi Janata Party (Maharashtra)SJP(M)
243Forward Bloc (Socialist)FB(S)572Samajwadi Jan Shakti AndolanSJSA
244Federation of SabhasFOS573Sinh Jan Seva PartySJSP
245Gujarat Adijati Vikash PakshGAVP574Samajik Jantantrik PartySJTP
246Gramya Bharat Bhoomi DalGBBD575Samajik Kranti DalSKD
247Gorkha Democratic FrontGDF576Sikkim Janashakti PartySKJP
248Gondvana Gantantra PartyGGP577Sampurna Kranti DalSKL
249Ganatantrik Gana SammilanGGS578Social Action PartySLAP
250Golden India PartyGIP579Socialist Democratic PartySLDP
251Gujarat Janata ParishadGJJP580Socialist League of IndiaSLI
252Garib Janata PartyGJP581Sanjukta Loka ParishadSLP
253Grama Munnetra KazhagamGMK582Socialist Party (Lohia)SLP(L)
254Gommant Lok PokxGMLP583Socialist Party (Ramakant Pandey)SLP(R)
255Garo National CouncilGNC584Soshan Mukti MorchaSMM
256Gorakha National Liberation FrontGNLF585Satya Marg PartySMP
257Green Party of IndiaGPI586Sikkim National Liberation FrontSNLF
258Gandhiwadi Rashtriya CongressGRC587Samajik Nyaya PartySNP
259Gurjar SanghGS588Shaheed Pheruman Akali DalSPAD
260Gareebjan Samaj PartyGSP589Secular Party of IndiaSPI
261Goa Vikas PartyGVP590Sirpanch Samaj PartySPSP
262Gujarat Yuva Vikas PartyGYVP591Sadbhav Pichhera Vikas ParttySPVP
263Haryana Bhoomiheen PartyHBP592Socialist Republican PartySRP
264Haryana Chhatra Yuva MorchaHCYM593Sarva Seva PartySRSP
265Hind DeshamHD594Sarvahara Samaj PartySRVSP
266Haryana Democratic CongressHDC595Shoshit Samaj DalSSD
267Hind Vikas PartyHDVP596Sanatan Samaj PartySSJP
268Hindustani Gareebwadi PartyHGP597Sanatan Samata SanghatanSSS
269Hindustan Inqualab PartyHIP598Swatantra Bharat PakshaSTBP
270Hul Jhharkhand PartyHJKP599Surajya PartySUP
271Hindustan Janta PartyHJP600Sarvodaya PartySVP
272Hind Kisan Mazdoor PartyHKMP601Savarn Samaj PartySVSP
273Himachal Kranti PartyHKP602Samajwadi DalSWD
274Haryana Lok DalHLD603Samajwadi Jan ParishadSWJP
275Hind MorchaHM604Swarajya PartySWP
276Hind National PartyHNP605Shiromani Youth Akali Dal (Kahlon)SYAD(K)
277Hindu Praja PartyHPP606Satyayug PartySYP
278Human Rights Party of IndiaHRPI607Tamilar Desiya IyyakkamTDI
279Himachal SangamHS608Tamil Desiyak KatchiTDK
280Hind Swarajya Ganatantra PartyHSGP609The Great India’ RevolutionersTGIR
281Hindu Samaj PartyHSP610Telangana Praja PartyTGPP
282Hindustani Samajwadi Peoples PartyHSPP611Tharasu Makkal MandramTHMM
283Hindustan Samajwadi Prajatantar Sena (Bharat)HSPS(B)612The Humanist Party of IndiaTHPI
284Hindustan PartyHTP613Tarai Kranti DalTKD
285Indian Bahujan Smajwadi PartyIBSP614Tamilar KazhagamTLK
286Indian Democratic PartyIDP615Thayaka Marumalarchi KazhagamTMK
287Indian Democratic Peoples PartyIDPP616Tamil Nadu Deseeya Grameeya Thozhilalar CongressTNDGTC
288Indian Democratic Socialist PartyIDSP617Tamil Nadu Hindu Vellalar Youth KazhagamTNHVYK
289Indian Farmers And Workers PartyIFWP618Tamil Nadu Kamaraj Makkal IyakkamTNKMI
290Indian Labour CongressILC619Tamil Nadu Makkal CongressTNMC
291Indian Liberation FrontILF620Tamil Nadu People’s PartyTNPP
292Indian Muslim CongressIMC621Tamil Nadu People’s Welfare AssociationTNPWA
293Indian National Congress (O) (Anti-Merger Group)INC(O)(A)622Tamil Nadu Peasants & Workers PartyTNPWP
294Internationalist Democratic PartyINDP623Tribal Prople PartyTPP
295Indian National Green PartyINGP624Tamizhaga Rajiv CongressTRC
296Indian National LeagueINL625The Religion of Man Revolving Political Party of IndiaTRMRPPI
297Indian National Labour PartyINLP626The Tamil Nadu State Indian Union Muslim LeagueTTNSIUML
298Indian National PartyINP627Tamizhaga Munnetra MunnaniTZMM
299Indian National Secular FrontINSF628Tamizhar PartyTZP
300Indian People’s CongressIPC629United Bodo Nationalist Liberation FrontUBNLF
301Indian People’s FrontIPF630United Citizens PartyUCP
302Islamic Party of IndiaIPI631United Communist Party of IndiaUCPI
303Indian Republican FrontIRF632United Indian Democratic CouncilUIDC
304Indian Secular CongressISC633United India Peoples PartyUIPP
305Indian Union Muslim LeagueIUML634Uttarkhand PartyUKD
306Jai Bharat PartyJBP635Uttarakhand Kranti DalUKKD
307Janata Congress Party of BharatvarshaJCPB636Uttar Pradesh Jan Manas PartyUPJMP
308Janata Dal (A)JD(A)637United Peoples Party of AssamUPPA
309Janata Dal (D) RajasthanJD(D)R638Uttar Pradesh Republican PartyUPRP
310Janata Dal (Pragatisheel)JD(P)639Uttar Pradesh Vikas ManchUPVM
311Jan Ekta MorchaJEM640United Reservation Movement Council of AssamURMCA
312Janhit MorchaJHM641United Republican PartyURP
313Jammu And Kashmir Awami LeagueJKAL642Uttarakhand Sanskriti ParishadUSP
314Jammu & Kashmir Awami National ConferenceJKANC643United Tribal Nationalists Liberation FrontUTNLF
315Janata Kranti CongressJKC644Vivasayi Anbhu KatchiVAK
316Jawan Kisan Mazdur PartyJKMP645Vishal Bharat PartyVBP
317J & K National Panthers PartyJKNPP646Vikaswadi Communism PartyVCP
318Jharkhand PartyJKP647Vishal Haryana PartyVHP
319Jharkhand Party (Naren)JKP(N)648Vijeta PartyVJP
320Jammu And Kashmir Peoples FrontJKPF649Vokkaligara ParishatVLP
321Jharkhand People’s PartyJKPP650Vikas PartyVP
322Jharkhand Liberation FrontJLF651Vidarbha Praja PartyVPP
323Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (Ulgulan)JMM(U)652Vidharabha Rajya Mukti MorchaVRMM
324JananishtaJN653West Bengal Socialist Party (S.N.J. Mirza)WBSP(M)
325Jai Naujawan Jai Mazdoor Kissan PartyJNJMKP654West Orissa Peoples FrontWOPF
326Jan Kranti MorchaJNKM655Workers Party of IndiaWPI
327Jammu & Kashmir People ConferenceJPC656Yuva Desham PartyYDP
328Jana PriyaJPR657Yatharthawadi Jan MorchaYJM
329Jan ParishadJPS


Administration :

Indian Government is the Federal republic Government. The Federal Government, India comprises the three branches
(i) Legislative (Parliament- which makes the laws),
(ii) Executive (the Government) and
(iii) Judicial (Supreme Court).

Indian Economy :

Country India consists 29 States & 7 Union Territories. India is the multilingual country with 1.2 billion people and the world’s fourth-largest economy. The Indian Army is the world’s third largest army in the world with nuclear weapons. The Indian Military rank sixth in the world by military expenditure among nations. It is also considered for a newly industrialized country.

Presently, India has the fastest growing economy, literacy and wealth in the world. Accordingly to current economic statements, the country stands on the seventh position by nominal GDP and on the third largest position by PPP (Purchasing Power Parity), it is the good achievements. India has growing economy, but the corruption & poverty is the big problem. India continuously facing the challenges by poverty, corruption, malnutrition, lake of proper public healthcare & more. Indian GDP (PPP) 2016 estimates is total $2.384 trillion (on 7th position) and Per capital $1,820 (stands on 141st).

By World Development Report 2014, according to purchasing power parity of 2012, the Indian Economic is the world’s largest 3rd economical country. In which the USA is the first, China second and India stands on the third.

The Indian Army is the third largest army in the world with nuclear weapons.

Asian Countries :

Asian Country
MyanmarCambodiaChinaCook Islands territoryEast Timor
FijiFrench Polynesia territoryGuamHong KongIndia
North KoreaSouth KoreaKyrgyzstanLaosMacau
MalaysiaMaldivesMarshall IslandsMicronesiaMongolia
NauruNew CaledoniaNepal countryNew ZealandNiue
Northern Mariana IslandsPakistanPalau countryPapua New GuineaPhilippines
Samoa countrySingaporeSri LankaSolomon IslandsTaiwan
TajikistanThailand countryTibetTokelauTonga

Indian States & Union Territories :


States & Union Territories In India :

Indian States
1. Andhra Pradesh11. Jharkhand21. Punjab
2. Arunachal Pradesh12. Karnataka22. Rajasthan
3. Assam13. Kerala23. Sikkim
4. Bihar14. Madhya Pradesh24. Tamil Nadu
5. Chhattisgarh15. Maharashtra25. Telangana
6. Goa16. Manipur26. Tripura
7. Gujarat17. Meghalaya27. Uttar Pradesh
8. Haryana18. Mizoram28. Uttarakhand
9. Himachal Pradesh19. Nagaland29. West Bengal
10. Jammu & Kashmir20. Odisha
Union Territories in India
1. Andaman and Nicobar Islands (Port Blair)2. Chandigarh (Chandigarh)3. Dadra and Nagar Haveli (Silvassa)
4. Daman and Diu (Daman)5. Lakshadweep (Kavaratti)6. The Government of NCT of Delhi (Delhi)
7. Puducherry (Puducherry)

Indian States, Capital & Code :

Indian States
Image by Wikipedia
Andhra PradeshHyderabadAP
Arunachal PradeshItanagarAR
GujaratGandhi nagarGJ
Himachal PradeshShimlaHP
Jammu and KashmirSrinagar (summer)
Jammu (winter)
Madhya PradeshBhopalMP
Tamil NaduChennaiTN
Uttar PradeshLucknowUP
UttarakhandDehra DunUT
West BengalKolkattaWB


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