December 13, 2017

World’s Important Days – List of Important National and International Days

World’s Important Days :
Today, We are going to tell you about the World’s Important Days, because each date is important and also a history. If you are searching about a List of Important National and International days, you are on the right place. This list is also important them, who are preparing for competitive examination and also for best of knowledge.

World's Important Days

List of Important National and International Days – World’s Important Days :-

Sr. No. Month Date Days Celebration
1. January 1st Army Medical Corps Establishment Day (India)
2. January 8th African National Congress Foundation Day
3. January 10th World Laughter Day
4. January 12th National Youth Day (Birth Day of Swami Vivekananda (India)
5. January 15th Army Day (India)
6. January 25th International Customer’s Duty Day | India Tourism Day
7. January 26th Republic Day
8. January 30th Mother’s Day | Mahatma Gandhi Day | World Leprosy Eradication Day (India)
9. February 2nd National Day of Srilanka
10. February 2nd World Wetlands Day
11. February 4th World Cancer Day
12. February 5th Kashmir Day (Organized by Pakistan)
13. February 14th St. Valentine’s Day
14. February 24th Central Excise Day (India)
15. February 28th National Science Day (India)
16. March 3rd National Defence Day (India)
17. March 4th National Security Day (India)
18. March 8th International Women’s Day
19. March 9th CISF Raising Day (India)
20. March 10th United Kingdom Commonwealth Day
21. March 12th Mauritius Day / Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) Day
22. March 15th World Consumer Day
23. March 16th National Vaccination Day (India)
24. March 19th World Disabled Day
25. March 21st World Forestry Day
26. March 22nd World Day for Water
27. March 23rd World Meteorological Day
28. March 24th World Tuberculosis Day
29. March 26th Bangladesh Liberation Day
30. April 05th National Maritime Day (India)
31. April 7rh World Health Day
32. April 13rd Jalianwallah Bagh Massacre Day (1919 India)
33. April 14th Anniversary of Titanic Sinking
34. April 18th World Heritage Day
35. April 22nd World Earth Day
36. April 23rd World Books Day
37. May 1st International Labor Day (May Day)
38. May 3rd International Energy Day
39. May 5th World Athletics Day
40. May 8th International Red cross Day
41. May 9th Europe Day
42. May 11th National Technology Day
43. May 12th International Nurses Day
44. May 15th International Family Day
45. May 17th Word Telecom Day
46. May 18th International Museum Day
47. May 24th Commonwealth Day
48. May 31st World Tobacco Day
49. June 5th World Environment Day
50. June 20th United Nations World Refugee Day
51. June 26th International Anti Drugs Day
52. June 27th World Diabetes Day
53. July 01st Doctor’s Day (India)
54. July 2nd World Sports Journalists Day
55. July 4th American Independence Day
56. July 11th World Population Day
57. August 6th Hiroshima Day
58. August 9th Quit India Movement Day (India)
59. August 12th International Youth Day
60. August 13rd Lefthanded Day
61. August 14th Pakistan’s Independence Day
62. August 15th India’s Independence Day
63. August 19th World Photography Day
64. August 20th Sadbhavna Divas (India)
65. August 29th Sports Day (Dhyanchand’s Birthday) (India)
66. September 5th Teacher’s Day (India)
67. September 7th Forgiveness Day (India)
68. September 8th International Literacy Day
69. September 14th Hindi Day (India), World First Aid Day
70. September 15th International Day of Democracy
71. September 16th World Ozone Day
72. September 19th International Talk Like A Pirate Day
73. September 21st World Alzheimer’s Day
74. September 24th World Heart Day
75. September 25th Social Justice Day (India)
76. September 27th World Tourism Day
77. October 1st International Day for the Elderly (UA)
78. October 2nd Gandhi Jayanti, International Non-Violence Day
79. October 3rd World Nature Day
80. October 4th World Animal Day
81. October 5th World Teacher’s Day
82. October 6th World Wildlife Day
82. October 8th Indian Air Force Day (India)
83. October 9th World Postal Day
84. October 10th World Mental Health Day / National Post Day (India)
85. October 12th World Sight Day
86. October 13th World Colomity Control Day (UN)
87. October 14th World Standards Day
88. October 15th Global Hand washing Day / World White Can Day [guiding the blind]
89. October 16th World Food Day
90. October 17th International Poverty Eradication Day
91. October 20th National Solidarity Day [China Attacked India on the Day]
92. November 24th United Nations Day
93. November 30th World Thrift Day
94. November 31st Halloween, National Integration Day (In Memory of Indira Gandhi)
95. November 07th Infant Protection Day (India) / World Cancer Awareness Day
96. November 09th Pravasiya Bharatiya Divas / Legal Services Day
97. November 10th Transport Day (India)
98. November 14th Children’s Day (India) / World Diabetics Day
99. November 16th International Days for Tolerance
100. November 20th International Children’s Day
101. November 26th Law Day (India)
102. November 30th Flog Day (India)
103. December 01st World AIDS Day
104. December 03rd International Day of Disabled Persons
105. December 04th Navy Day (India)
106. December 07th International Civil Aviation Day
107. December 09th International Anti Corruption Day
108. December 10th Human Rights Day
109. December 11th UNICEF Day
110. December 14th National Energy Conservation Day (India)
111. December 23rd Kisan Divas (Farmer’s Day) (India)

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